Restaurant Voila Inn Predeal


What do you prefer? Romanian traditional cuisine, Lebanese or Italian?

You came, you stayed, but the long road requires a hot meal, so you can have the energy to fully enjoy your vacation. Come to the restaurant, sit down, and say what would you like your senses to enjoy? Maybe something from traditional cuisine: pork alms with polenta or a pork chop with beans.

Or maybe from the Italian cuisine, the delicious spaghetti, as only the Italians know how to prepare them, along with a glass of wine.

If you are still undecided, you can try Lebanese cuisine. Can you start with a light, steamy summer day dish, Tabouleh, and maybe a Shish Taouk? As for desserts, we don’t have them all, but we do have the best ones.

Oh, and here you can serve all three main meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as a small snack between them, we take care of everything! What I mean is that in our restaurant, from Predeal to Beirut and everything in between, if the recipe was written, we know how to cook it. We even have a few that we wrote.

Voila Inn Predeal

Enjoy a complete holiday in the middle of nature, either summer or winter!

Your vacation in Predeal

Relaxation with fresh air

In summer, Predeal offers you and your loved ones countless opportunities for leisure activities: hiking, mountain biking, etc. – and all this in the middle of a sensational mountain landscape, with a fascinating panoramic view!