Voila Inn Predeal - SPA


Pamper yourself with family or friends at SPA Voila Inn Predeal – Sauna, Jacuzzi and Massage (charged extra).

The morning starts after breakfast, but after a day of sitting on the slopes or walking in the mountains, a few hours at the spa to relax the muscles are exactly what any doctor would prescribe.

Here’s what I suggest: start with the Jacuzzi, where the massage of water jets and heat begin to relax every knot, every tense muscle. The pores open, the airway clears, and you prepare for the next step. And that’s not all. Enter the sauna now and let the heat remove toxins and stress through the already open pores, feel the steam settling on every inch of skin.

And now, let’s take care of the muscles and each wrist. Go to the massage and the most skilled hands will arrange fiber by fiber, from head to toe the whole muscular system. Your circulation is improving, your mind is clearing, and you’re going to a new man.

The spa is at your disposal every day, just say it! With us, you are truly pampered in your well-deserved vacation.

Voila Inn Predeal

Enjoy a complete holiday in the middle of nature, either summer or winter!

Your perfect holiday in Predeal

Relaxation with fresh air

In summer, Predeal offers you and your loved ones countless opportunities for leisure activities: hiking, mountain biking, etc. – and all this in the middle of a sensational mountain landscape, with a fascinating panoramic view!